Flutter App Development

Cross-platform app development using Google’s Flutter provides stunning visuals and unrivalled stability for half the development cost of native. Work with the UK's top Flutter app development agency on the most popular toolset available.

Simply put, Flutter is a cross-platform development toolkit developed and maintained by Google. Flutter was created with developers, compatibility and user experience in mind.

Foresight Mobile were early adopters of Google’s Flutter app development SDK back in 2018, making us the UK’s most experienced Flutter development agency.

By writing your app once with Flutter we can distribute your app across iOS, Android, the web and desktop - all from the same codebase. This means we can deliver your product quickly and efficiently, greatly reducing development and maintenance costs compared with native and other cross-platform technologies such as React Native.

Service Benefits

Our years of experience as one of the earliest adopters of Flutter makes us the top UK Flutter app development agency.

Faster Development

Deploying one codebase across all platforms is inherently quicker than developing the same app multiple times. Known as cross-platform app development, this is Flutter's key benefit.

Features like hot reload allow our developers to iterate quickly on features and deliver value early in the process. By leveraging technologies like bloc and clean architecture we ensure that our apps are straightforward to develop and maintain.

Native Performance

Flutter’s Skia rendering engine provides 60 fps animations and transitions, and its built-in animation widgets provide great features, right out of the box.

Unlike React Native’s JavaScript, Dart compiles to native code - extracting the full performance from your device. Features like sound null safety allow us to write performant and bug-free code.

All of this means that you get a native iOS app and a native Android app all from the same codebase.

Material and Cupertino Widgets

There’s no need to worry that your app won’t feel at home compared with natively-developed apps. Flutter provides native widgets for iOS and Android through the Cupertino and Material widget sets.

This widgets are built into the platform, allowing us to provide user interfaces that match the design idioms of the platform where appropriate.

Mobile, Web and Desktop

Flutter’s browser support is now production-ready, allowing us to target the web effortlessly using the same code used for the mobile app.

Should we need to provide desktop admin functionality for your product we can leverage Flutter’s browser support to re-use code from your mobile offering, saving plenty of development time compared with a custom web app.