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Cross-Platform App Development
iOS and Android app development
Design and Development
Complete app development of the IterPro sports management platform

IterPro Player App

Welcome to the future of sports management, where data-driven decisions reign supreme. The IterPro platform is an all-in-one sports data management platform designed to revolutionise the way sports organisations operate. Combining cutting-edge technology with a user-friendly interface, IterPro centralises data and connects organisation members for seamless collaboration and data-driven decision-making. With IterPro, you can optimise communication, injury risk management, talent development, finance management, and overall performance across all levels of your sports organisation.

Part of this overall platform is the Iterpro Player App, which is specially designed to connect and engage players by providing them with crucial insights and seamless communication with staff, even when they're away from the training ground. Key features of the IterPro Player App include:

  • Calendar - Keep the team informed and organised with a comprehensive and easy-to-use calendar tool.
  • Wellness Monitoring - Empower players to track and manage their wellness, ensuring they're in the best possible condition for performance.
  • Video Gallery - Enhance player development by sharing tactical clips, training videos, and comprehensive match analysis, all accessible through the app.
  • Player Data - Provide players with important performance data, so they can monitor their progress and stay motivated.

The IterPro Player App brings together athletes and staff to create a collaborative and data-driven environment, fostering growth and success in the ever-evolving sports landscape.

Project Execution

As Foresight Mobile, we were thrilled to collaborate with IterPro in designing and optimising their innovative sports management platform for mobile. When we received the initial designs from IterPro, our skilled design team reviewed them, focusing on enhancing the user experience while maintaining the essence of their vision.

Working closely with IterPro, we provided valuable insights and suggestions throughout the process to refine and optimise the original designs for mobile devices. Through our expertise in creating user-centric solutions, we balanced functionality and aesthetics, ensuring that the IterPro Player App would deliver a seamless and engaging experience for users across various devices.

We worked closely with IterPro's internal development team to simplify the plaform APIs for mobile use cases. We also developed a custom zoomable SVG renderer that allowed the user to select body areas for pain management and medications.

The solution was developed using Flutter to ensure that the app was available simultaneously for iOS and Android devices from launch day.


At Foresight Mobile, we take great pride in our ability to deliver results on time and on-budget. By working closely with IterPro and maintaining open communication throughout the entire development process, we were able to successfully deliver the IterPro Player App as envisioned.

We are honoured that our creation is actively being used by prestigious organisations such as the Italian Football Federation, as it demonstrates the effectiveness and value of the IterPro Player App. This achievement is a testament to the teamwork, expertise, and dedication that went into the development of this groundbreaking platform.

We look forward to working closely with the IterPro team in the future as the platform and sport of Football continues to evolve.

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