We love the thrill of taking your ideas through the strategy and design process, into a collaborative development structure that keeps you in control


Mobile App Development

Our expert developers work natively in Swift and Kotlin and use tech stacks that are built to last and straightforward to maintain. We can also work with cross-platform technologies to reduce cost, taking care to match the nuances of each platform for a native feel.

  • iOS Development

  • Combined Mac, iPhone and iPad Development

  • Android Development

  • React Native Development

  • Flutter Development

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Startup Support

Our unique CTO-as-a-service model gives you all the benefits of an experienced technical co-founder, without the cost or loss of equity. You know your industry, and we know how to build engaging products that your customers love. Whether you’re just dipping your toes or looking to drive value from your current team we’re here to guide you through every step of your growth.

  • CTO Support

  • Go to Market Strategy

  • MVP Development and Prototyping

  • Tech Evaluation

  • Outsourced Team Management

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macOS App Development

With the introduction of macOS Catalina Apple have opened up their huge desktop market to existing iOS apps. Your apps can be tailored to the desktop experience and readied for the lucrative macOS App Store in a matter of weeks.

  • iOS to macOS app porting

  • macOS Swift UI Development

  • macOS Catalina Support

  • Mac App Store Deployment

  • Dark Mode

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Product Design

Here at Foresight we work with the Design Sprints process to turn your product ideas into a realistic prototype in just one week. This allows us to progress to development with a solid understanding of your product, market and timescales.

  • User Experience

  • Clickable Prototypes

  • Mobile and Web Design

  • Logo and Branding

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Next Generation Technologies

We’re all keen technologists at Foresight and love to experiment with the latest emerging trends. We’ll help you to match the next big thing with your customer’s needs to give your products and services the edge on the competition.

  • Chatbots

  • AR / VR

  • Alexa / Google Home / Google Assistant

  • Internet of Things