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Leading the post-Covid QR revolution with a successful international ordering app and platform

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Increase Your Revenue with One QR Code

Foresight Mobile spearheaded the post-covid QR code table ordering market with the Leslie project, establishing a new benchmark in customer-venue engagement. By harnessing the power of the Flutter framework, the Leslie service seamlessly bridges the gap between mobile convenience and the in-store experience, delivering a versatile product from a unified codebase.

Leslie was the first project headed-up by our London office, and is to this day one of our most successful Flutter app development projects. The combination of a local presence, coupled with the cost savings of a Manchester-based mobile app development team were the ideal recipe for this startup.

Unleashing the Power of Flutter for Cross-Platform Efficiency

A cornerstone of Leslie's mobile app development project was Foresight Mobile's strategic application of Flutter's any-screen cross-platform capabilities. This approach enabled the team to effortlessly deploy the service across both mobile and web platforms simultaneously, maintaining a consistent user experience while significantly reducing development and maintenance costs due to the single skill set required for the team.

Streamlining Ordering, Tipping, and Payments with Dynamic QR Codes

Leslie's defining feature is its dynamic QR code system, which revolutionises the ordering, tipping, and payment process. This innovative system elevates customer satisfaction by minimising wait times and simplifying transactions. For businesses, Leslie translates into increased efficiency, higher turnover, and reduced operational costs.

Project Execution

Seamless Integration with Existing Infrastructure

At its core, Leslie is designed to seamlessly integrate with almost any EPOS system, expanding the capabilities of customers' existing EPOS infrastructure without the need for extensive modifications. Additionally, Leslie's support for a variety of currencies and languages makes it a truly versatile and globally adaptable solution. Our SDK and integrations service was instrumental in providing these benefits with efficiency and reliability.

A Unified User Experience Across Platforms

Flutter's cross-platform capabilities ensure that customers enjoy a seamless and consistent experience, regardless of whether they interact with the service via mobile or web. This consistency is crucial for fostering customer loyalty and satisfaction, and enables the app to load instantly from the QR code into a PWA in the web browser, an iOS App Clip or more traditionally with an app installed from the App Store.

A Collaborative Journey of Innovation

The collaboration between Foresight Mobile and the Leslie team was a harmonious blend of innovation and shared vision. Foresight Mobile's Fractional CTO Service played a pivotal role in the early stages, providing invaluable technical leadership and strategic direction for the non-technical founders.

Reimagining the App for Enhanced Usability and Performance

Foresight Mobile's dual-pronged approach focused on both redesign and re-architecture. The app's redesign prioritised usability and performance, making it more user-centric and engaging. Simultaneously, the app underwent a strategic re-architecture to enhance scalability and robustness, enabling Leslie to cater to an expanding demand and broader service scope without the burden of technical debt.


Global Success and Transformative Impact

Leslie's global implementation has been characterised by remarkable success, particularly evident in its integration with the innovative Pick-Up Cabinets (PUC) integration and its use at various football stadia including Blackpool, Crystal Palace, Dundee United and Hartlepool FC. This integration demonstrates Leslie's ability to interact seamlessly with diverse hardware, offering customers a novel, efficient, and secure way to collect their orders.

A Catalyst for Business Growth and Customer Engagement

Beyond its technical achievements, Leslie has made a profound impact on business operations and customer experiences worldwide. The app has been instrumental in improving service efficiency, boosting revenue, and enhancing customer engagement across various markets.

A Testament to Foresight Mobile's Expertise

The Leslie project stands as a testament to Foresight Mobile's expertise in leveraging Flutter's multi-screen capabilities to create an innovative, cost-effective, and cross-platform solution. The project's international success, ability to integrate with a wide range of EPOS systems, and unique features like the PUC integration underscore its transformative role in customer service across diverse venues.

After significant investment in Leslie by Middleby UK, a leading commercial kitchen equipment manufacturer, the founders successfully exited the business through acquisition.

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