Mobile SDK Development

Mobile SDK development for Flutter, React Native, iOS and Android. Provide mobile developers with straightforward access to your services and expand your customer base.

Foresight Mobile specialise in writing SDK integrations for cross platform frameworks such as React Native and Flutter, as well as native mobile SDKs for iOS (Cocoapods & SPM) and Android (Gradle).

If you already have native SDKs for iOS and Android, then we can work with you to expand into the cross-platform market. If you’re already providing a web or REST-based service, then we can work together to bring your products to mobile efficiently and collaboratively using our SDK development best practices.

Cross-platform development is increasingly becoming the preferred way to develop mobile apps: React Native and Flutter are gaining massively in popularity. (You might want to have a look at our page on the rising popularity of Flutter here).

Foresight Mobile can develop cross-platform native modules for your exiting native mobile SDKs, allowing you to expand into the cross-platform market.

Our SDK Development Services

We've produced native Android SDKs, and native iOS SDKs and deployed to Cocoapods, SPM, NPM and Gradle

Customer Integration Support

We can work with your developer advocates and business development team to actively support the integration process for your high-value customers. Our colleagues have the wide experience and skillsets required to assist the integration of your service in an effective and collaborative manner.

Beat the Competition

Developers make their product choices based on ease of integration, documentation and quality. Ensure that more of your customers choose your service by improving documentation, providing useful samples and straightforward support processes.

Open Source with Style

Maintaining an open source SDK can be great for developers, but along with it comes the need for maintenance, updates and support across a wide range of skillsets. We can shoulder some of the workload, while updating documentation and examples to ease the support burden.

Expand Into Cross-Platform

If you already have native Android and iOS SDKs we can cost-effectively 'wrap' your existing native libraries to produce SDKs suitable for cross-platform developers using Flutter, React Native and other frameworks. With the overwhelming majority of new apps using cross-platform technologies this can be the most sensible approach market expansion.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about

Mobile SDK Development

What is the difference between an API and an SDK?

A REST API is an architectural style for creating web services. It uses HTTP requests to GET, PUT, POST and DELETE data, allowing us to manipulate data over the internet. An SDK is a set of tools, libraries, and most importantly documentation that developers use to create applications more easily. It provides a complete development environment, and allows convenient access to API functionality for mobile developers.

What are the different types of Mobile SDK?

The most common types of SDKs you'll make use of in mobile apps include: ads & monetisation SDKs, analytics SDKs, and payment gateways. But there are many others, like simple networking utilities, UI components, notifications, and others that allow us to track the performance and stability of your app such as Crashlytics.

What is a mobile SDK?

Mobile SDKs are the building blocks of mobile applications. They provide developers with a range of tools and frameworks to create, test, and deploy apps with ease. With mobile SDKs, developers have the ability to access device hardware, integrate with popular services such as payment providers and analytics services, and create a powerful user experience.

How much does it cost to build a mobile SDK?

Mobile SDKs can vary in cost depending upon a number of factors, including whether we'll 'wrap' your platform-specific code or whether you have existing mobile, Web or server-side SDKs we can use as a basis for development. A straightforward mobile interface to a REST service could be as little as £7,000, whereas more complicated SDKs with user interface elements can cost a little more.


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