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Arm IoT project

IoT smart camera app integration for Arm Microprocessor

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Cross-Platform Flutter App Development
Mobile and Web
Flutter, IoT
What we achieved
A successful IoT configuration platform on mobile and the web

Arm Insights project

Foresight Mobile have been working with SeeChange - an Arm subsidiary - on a project.

Arm don't need any introduction from us - since 1985, Arm have been developing RISC (Reduced Instruction Chip Set) microprocessor designs. Their licensees have produced over 130 billion microprocessor cores - Arm based chips are found in nearly 95 percent of the world's mobile devices.

Arm has been one of the leading innovators in the microprocessor world for the last four decades. Although you may not realise it, the microcontrollers which control a huge number of everyday devices have an Arm chip in there somewhere.

Foresight were approached by Arm with a project - to create their Insights desktop and mobile app, part of their Seeware IoT platform. The system, which utilises smart cameras and sophisticated machine learning algorithms, allows for real time (and historic) monitoring of space occupancy, which helps owners to make decisions to enhance space efficiency and to therefore optimise layout. It can also reduce friction at self-checkout and prevent lossage with its Spill and Hazard detection capability.

Project Execution

It seemed a natural progression for us to suggest using Google Flutter - Flutter is the most modern and powerful cross-platform development framework on the market today, allowing us to create a single codebase which produces Android, iOS and Web apps with a unified codebase and consistent look and feel.

Not only did this give SeeChange the quickest time to market for their Insights app, it also gave them the best return on investment and ensured easier maintenance and development for future versions of the app.


Foresight Mobile successfully delivered the app across both mobile and web platforms on time and on budget by following a collaborative and agile development process. They worked effectively alongside the team from SeeChange to produce a reliable and effective platform through efficient communication, collaboration, and project management.

By making use of Flutter's ability to target the web and mobile from the same codebase Foresight were able to deliver the project with significantly less cost than a traditional multiple app development strategy. This is one of the main reasons our customers choose our Flutter app development service.

We began by understanding the requirements and objectives of the project, working closely with the team from SeeChange to establish a clear vision and roadmap. We set up regular communication channels and meetings to ensure everyone was on the same page and to address any issues or concerns promptly.

An agile development methodology was followed, allowing us to quickly iterate and adapt to changes in the project requirements. This approach ensured that the team could respond to feedback and make improvements more efficiently.

Foresight Mobile maintained a strong working relationship with the SeeChange team throughout the project. We made sure to involve SeeChange in key decisions, sought their input on design and functionality, and kept them informed of progress at all stages. This collaborative approach ensured that the final product met the needs and expectations of everyone involved.

After the successful completion of the SeeChange project, our ongoing support and maintenance services ensured that SeeChange benefited from regular updates, both in response to new OS versions and changing requirements.

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