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Levi Strauss & Co - Digital B2B showroom

A digital iPad showroom for Levi Strauss's sales representatives

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A digital iPad showroom for Levi Strauss's sales representatives

Let’s make it simple


We’ve all had an interesting ten minutes putting too-tight jeans on in a changing cubicle. Strange how they’re always one size smaller than you expect.

If buying jeans can be problematic, imagine selling items from a huge clothing range to a variety of retailers - at different volumes and price points. Which is why Foresight were approached by Levi Strauss and Co. - the world’s biggest denim brand -  who asked us to create a Digital B2B Showroom for them.

Rather than a retailer having to send their buyer into a Levi’s warehouse and have stock selected for them to purchase - the traditional method -  a Levi’s sales rep could visit buyers with an iPad based Digital Showroom instead.


The Digital Showroom app is a native iOS app, which uses SwiftUI for the front-end and Realm to handle the data and queries. Items can be selected by a number of variables - with clothing type, colour, seasonality, forthcoming availability being just some of the examples. Prices can be tailored to reflect differing price agreements with individual retailers.

So, no more trips to a warehouse to have stock picked and inspected, everything immediately available and priced - much more efficient.

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