Native iOS App Development

We can develop native iOS apps using Swift and SwiftUI 2 to provide the closest platform integration possible with iOS and its ecosystem. Native iOS development allows for Apple Watch, iPad and MacOS apps.

As well as being cross-platform app specialists, we can develop native iOS apps using modern frameworks if needed. Our talented iOS app developers have many years of experience in building native apps for both Android and iOS.

Using Swift and SwiftUI allows us to develop iOS apps if your design relies on ideas which can't be implemented using Flutter or React Native.

For the fastest development time and native look and feel we can use modern Swift 5 and SwiftUI 2.

Native code gives us full access to platform features such as Augmented Reality, which would be difficult to achieve with cross-platform technologies.

For cutting-edge features and the pinnacle of performance a native app can be the best option.

Service Benefits

All of Foresights developers are great fans of the iOS ecosystem and enjoy working with Apple Watch and iPad Pro

Leverage SwiftUI

We leverage the latest SwiftUI features to iterate fast on engaging and performant UI components

Apple Watch Support

Bring your core app features closer to your users with Apple Watch support. Rich complications can provide timely and engaging information to your users to augment the app experience.

iPad App Development

Native iPad apps can provide desktop-like features for power users. Expand your audience by providing native support for content-hungry big-screen mobile users.

iOS SDK Development

Our experienced SDK developers can expand your customer base through a native iOS SDK. We can help you expand your web-based SaaS to mobile consumers and B2B customers.