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Friends, not followers

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Friends, not followers

Taking Social Offline

App Development - Backend Architecture - Cloud Infrastructure - Team Management

Friendrequest is a unique social app, focused on encouraging real-world friendships through shared interests and fun activities. Live data feeds provide real bookable events that can be shared with users, encouraging physical meet-ups and genuine relationships rather than online ‘followers’.

When browsing profiles the user is presented with Smart Introduction Card, which considers the personality traits and interests of both users to showcase events and interests most likely to engage the user.

Foresight Mobile developed the Friend Request mobile application, a unique social networking app

A Successful Engagement

Foresight Mobile were initially engaged during the prototyping stage of the product to manage the iOS development, as the size of the project proved to be overwhelming to the current staff. After a period of training and re-architecture the app development was brought back on-track and delivered to expectations.

Foresight also designed the production architecture and deployed the back-end functionality to Google Cloud Services using Kubernetes Engine. This provided a cost-effective solution during development as hardware could be shared among development and staging environments. During production the architecture was updated to ensure scaleability and enhance security.

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