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Building the Next Generation Pitchero Club App on iOS

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Building the Next Generation Pitchero Club App on iOS

Pitchero, an award-winning sports tech platform with over 10,000 live club websites and 1.5 million users, approached Foresight Mobile with the challenge of designing and developing the next version of their popular Pitchero Club App for iOS. With a strong focus on excellent design guidelines and UX philosophy provided by Pitchero, the task was to create an even more engaging, functional, and user-friendly app that sports clubs all around the world would love to use.

Foresight Mobile, being an experienced Manchester-based cross-platform app development agency, was the perfect partner for Pitchero to work with. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients, embedding ourselves within the business as colleagues and co-workers. This was instrumental in ensuring we fully understood Pitchero's vision, goals, and the unique needs of their diverse user base.

Project Execution

From the initial stages of the project, Foresight worked closely with Pitchero's product managers and technical staff to create a seamless and robust experience for the club staff and team members. Our team was able to adapt to Pitchero's agile development process, enabling quick iterations and adjustments as the project evolved.

To ensure the project's success, Foresight started by conducting a thorough analysis of the existing Pitchero Club App's functionality, design, and performance. This helped identify any pain points and areas that needed improvement, as per the design guidelines and UX philosophy provided by Pitchero.

Following our analysis, our team of skilled designers and developers began prototyping various design options for the new app, always keeping Pitchero's product managers and technical staff in the loop. These prototypes were shared and reviewed during regular meetings, ensuring everyone on the team was aligned, and any feedback or suggestions were promptly incorporated.

Using the knowledge gained from these iterative prototypes, the team proceeded with our iOS app development service, leveraging the latest technologies available for iOS and ensuring a performant and easy-to-maintain product.


After a few months of hard work, Foresight Mobile was successful in designing and developing the next version of the Pitchero Club App for iOS. The new app offers enhanced functionality in areas such as team communication, player scheduling, and real-time synchronization with the Pitchero Club Website. The much-improved design and UX enhance the overall user experience, making it even more enjoyable for players, parents, club officials, and supporters.

You can check out the app in the stores here for Android and for iOS in the App Store here.

The collaboration between Foresight Mobile and Pitchero proved to be a effective and long-lasting, resulting in an outstanding product that surpassed expectations. The Pitchero Club App continues to be enjoyed by thousands of users, providing essential tools for sports clubs around the world. At Foresight Mobile we're thrilled to have played a part in its success and look forward to working on further collaborations with Pitchero in the future.

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