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A successful collaboration to re-imagine PlanPoint's B2B A55 management mobile app

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App rewrite and support for Planpoint's new platform

The Innovative A55 Diagram Creation and Storage Solution

In the dynamic world of telecoms infrastructure, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Introducing PlanPoint, the revolutionary app that transforms the way you manage network adjustment diagrams (A55s). Engineered by Foresight Mobile using the Flutter platform, PlanPoint streamlines your workflow, eliminates errors, and empowers collaboration, ensuring seamless project success.


  • Effortless A55 Creation - Empower your engineers to create A55s with ease, directly from their mobile devices. Our intuitive interface and user-friendly design make A55 creation a breeze.
  • Streamlined Workflow - Seamlessly manage multiple A55s from creation to completion. PlanPoint's web-based platform provides a centralised hub for managing projects, ensuring smooth coordination and efficient progress.
  • Real-Time Data Sharing - Keep everyone in the loop with real-time data sharing. Engineers, office staff, and clients can access up-to-date information, facilitating collaboration and informed decision-making.
  • Enhanced Accuracy - Eliminate errors and ensure data integrity with our built-in GPS and photo prompts. Accurately capture pole locations and ensure photos meet required standards.
  • Offline Functionality - Work uninterrupted, even in remote areas. The app's offline-first architecture mode allows engineers to continue working without internet connectivity.


  • Improved Efficiency - Save time and resources with streamlined A55 creation and management. Reduce rework and delays caused by errors and miscommunication.
  • Enhanced Collaboration - Foster seamless collaboration between engineers, office staff, and clients with real-time data sharing.
  • Reduced Costs - Eliminate the need for paper A55s and manual administration.
  • Increased Accuracy - Ensure data integrity and reduce errors with built-in GPS tagging, address finding and photo prompts.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction - Deliver Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA) projects on time and within budget, exceeding customer expectations.

PlanPoint is the ultimate solution for telecoms infrastructure professionals seeking to optimise their A55 workflow and achieve project success. Experience the future of A55s and revolutionise your telecoms infrastructure operations with PlanPoint.

Project Execution

Manchester App Agency Foresight Mobile embarked on a collaborative journey with PlanPoint to revamp their existing mobile app, which was proving to be cumbersome and inefficient for engineers. Our mission was to transform the app into a user-friendly and efficient tool that would seamlessly integrate into the telecoms infrastructure workflow.

Redesigning for Usability

We initiated a comprehensive redesign process, working closely with PlanPoint to understand their specific needs and challenges. Our in-house design team meticulously crafted a user interface that prioritised intuitiveness and ease of use, ensuring that even complex tasks like scale mapping of ducts and infrastructure could be handled effortlessly.

Architecting for Efficiency

To maximise code reusability and minimise development overhead, we carefully architected the mobile app's codebase. This modular approach enabled us to streamline development and ensure consistency across the app's various user flows, of which there are many!

Ensuring Quality through Automated Testing

We implemented automated regression testing to safeguard the app's integrity during maintenance and updates. This rigorous testing process instilled confidence in every change made, ensuring that the app consistently met the highest quality standards.

The result of this comprehensive project execution was a transformed PlanPoint app – a testament to Foresight Mobile's commitment to delivering exceptional mobile solutions.


The revitalized PlanPoint app has been successfully deployed to multiple clients, seamlessly integrating into their telecoms infrastructure operations. Foresight Mobile's ongoing support and maintenance services ensure the app's continued success, providing timely assistance and ensuring optimal performance.

Our commitment to PlanPoint extends beyond the app's initial development. We offer discounted rates for our support and maintenance customers, enabling PlanPoint to invest in continuous feature development. This collaboration has led to the recent addition of a new feature that allows the app to manage and document remedial work required as a result of A55 form submissions. This enhancement further cements PlanPoint's position as an indispensable tool in the Physical Infrastructure Access process.

The success of the PlanPoint app is a testament to Foresight Mobile's ability to forge strong partnerships and deliver exceptional mobile solutions that evolve with our clients' needs.

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