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Tenner - viral sports prediction app

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Cross-Platform Development

Tenner is a viral, free-to-play prediction game targeting sports enthusiasts and fans. It allows mobile gamers win cash prizes with no financial risk, similar in concept to the popular HQ Trivia game. With UK fans spending an estimated 6 billion hours per year watching sports there is a growing opportunity for second-screen in-play entertainment.

After a successful two-month beta in March 2019 the app launched on both iOS and Android in February 2020.

  • Play Tenner while watching live sports matches
  • Answer in real time and progress the next question
  • Win cash prizes if you answer every question correctly
  • Compete against your friends on private leaderboards

Project Execution

Collaborative Design and Discovery

Foresight Mobile and an app development agency that believes in a collaborative and inclusive approach when working with our customers. This is why we engaged closely with the Tenner team throughout the design and discovery process. We started by understanding their vision, target audience, and goals for the app, ensuring that we were all on the same page. From there, we worked together to create user stories and wireframes, allowing us to visualise how the app would function and interact with users.

To ensure that we were meeting the needs of Tenner's target audience, we produced a clickable prototype of the application using Figma. This allowed us to conduct user testing early on in the development process, giving us valuable feedback to refine and improve the design. By involving the Tenner team and potential users in this stage, we were able to identify any areas that needed adjustments, ensuring that the final product would be a perfect fit for its purpose.

Cost-Effective and Collaborative Development

As a team vastly experienced in cross-platform app development and one of the UK's most experienced Flutter app agencies, we knew that creating an engaging Flutter application for both iOS and Android would require a combination of our technical expertise and a deep understanding of Tenner's requirements. We began by familiarising ourselves with the app's target audience, goals, and desired user experience to ensure that our development approach aligned with Tenner's vision. To produce the app we decided upon our Flutter app design and development services, keeping development straightforward and well within the customer's budget.

Leveraging our extensive knowledge of Flutter, we set out to create a single codebase that would deliver native-like performance and responsiveness on both iOS and Android platforms. By using Flutter, we were able to streamline the development process, enabling us to efficiently build and test the app across multiple devices and operating systems. This approach not only saved time and resources but also ensured that the app provided a consistent and high-quality experience for users, regardless of their device.

Throughout the development process, our team at Foresight Mobile maintained open lines of communication with the Tenner team, ensuring that we were always on the same page and addressing any concerns or changes as they arose. Our collaborative approach and expertise in cross-platform app development using Flutter allowed us to deliver an engaging, user-friendly, and feature-rich application that Tenner's sports enthusiasts could enjoy.


Since its launch, the Tenner app has become a highly successful sports prediction app, attracting thousands of active users who love engaging with their favourite sports in a fun and interactive way. Our team at Foresight Mobile is proud to have played a significant role in bringing this unique and enjoyable experience to sports enthusiasts.

The Tenner app's success hasn't gone unnoticed by large sports and e-sports brands including Veloce, who see the potential in offering their fans a branded sports prediction experience. As a result, Tenner has been successfully white-labelled, allowing these brands to create their own customised version of the app.

This has not only expanded the reach of the Tenner app but also demonstrated its versatility and adaptability to cater to different sports and e-sports markets. With the continued support of Foresight Mobile and our commitment to delivering top-notch app development services, we are confident that Tenner will maintain its upward trajectory and keep delighting sports fans around the world.

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