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Tenner - viral sports prediction app

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Tenner - viral sports prediction app

Cross-Platform Development


Tenner is a viral, free-to-play prediction game targeting sports enthusiasts and fans. It allows mobile gamers win cash prizes with no financial risk, similar in concept to the popular HQ Trivia game. With UK fans spending an estimated 6 billion hours per year watching sports there is a growing opportunity for second-screen in-play entertainment.

After a successful two-month beta in March 2019 the app launched on both iOS and Android in February 2020.

  • Play Tenner while watching live sports matches
  • Answer in real time and progress the next question
  • Win cash prizes if you answer every question correctly
  • Compete against your friends on private leaderboards

Cross Platform Development

The Tenner app is developed at Foresight Mobile using the Flutter application development platform from Google. Flutter allows us to produce an engaging experience across iOS and Android simultaneously. With 100% code reuse across both platforms we can iterate quickly and drastically reduce development time compared with producing two native apps.

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