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Our design process

How we colloboratively design apps with you using our tried and tested methodology.

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Let’s make something great together

Using Flutter, we turn your concepts into engaging and robust solutions across mobile and the web.
We reduce your development and maintenance costs of supporting Android, iOS and the Web by writing a single codebase.

Building apps is a collaborative process. We build apps with you, as well as for you. It’s not about “just writing code”, we want to build you an engaging, attractive app which matters to you and your customers - within your budget.

To make this happen, we work closely with founders, startups, agencies and enterprises, applying many years of development expertise to make your design a success. We provide the guidance and experience to help you through every step of the process towards an engaging and fit for market app.


We are:

Curious Challengers:
We challenge the status quo to go outside of convention. We do this through our creativity, curiosity and our desire to find the best solution, aligned with your business goals
People First: We create experiences for people first. It’s at the heart of our work and how we work with each other. We are passionate about doing the right thing and the impact we have in the world.
Committed Partners: We make businesses better through partnership. We build long-term and committed relationships based on honesty, communication and understanding. We know the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and seek opportunities to build better solutions together.
Always Learning: We never rest. We learn from our experiences (good and bad). We take time to reflect and regularly ask how did I/we do, so that we can improve our processes and technology choices.
Good Company: We are comfortable to be ourselves. We fall in love with problems we solve and things we make. Fun brings passion, passion brings fun. After all, happy people do their best work.

So how do we develop apps with you?

Discovery phase

Before we start writing any code, we take time to understand your brief, engage with stakeholders and study existing competitors and clients to make sure we come up with the best strategy for your product.

We define realistic goals and success criteria. Are you looking to produce a Minimum Viable Product, a finished app or a reactive app which can be added to with further iterations as you test the market?  

It’s important that your success criteria can be measured, so we suggest tools to give you metrics for success.


We design your product by mapping out the personas of users and their user journeys as the first stage of our collaborative story mapping process.

This important step, often overlooked in app design, makes it possible for us to properly define how the app will work: we identify types of users, what content they need access to and how the app will flow around their needs.

Defining the content of the app this way allows us to set out an app which will give your users a logical, enjoyable and easy to navigate user experience.


With your core user journeys mapped out, we provide a clearer picture by drilling down into what features, interfaces and technologies are required to build a successful app, using our 16 years experience of app design.

We can then prioritize user stories into phased releases, to make sure we provide value and meet business objectives as early as possible in the process.

This is an iterative process, we listen carefully to your feedback and, where appropriate, suggest improvements, alternative technology and solutions designed to give you the best ROI for your app.

All the time, we bear in mind, “it’s your app”. We’re here to help in a consultative process and explain what we think is the best and most efficient way forward for your design. We don’t just write code, we develop apps with you.


Having defined your user journeys and brand guidelines, we then produce an interactive clickable prototype of your app or website.


We produce a slick, well designed prototype app for you, ensuring the best user experience (UX) possible.

Having a clickable prototype allows you to quickly feedback any ideas to us and we can then refine the app into a finalised design. We ensure you have a design your completely happy with, which resolves any potential issues prior to development.

For those customers wanting an MVP, the clickable app is an investment vehicle which allows you to have a working app to present to potential investors.

More about MVP design here.


With the wireframing process complete, and a clear picture of what’s required, our designers then produce high fidelity UX designs for you to approve.

Look and feel is vitally important in mobile app design, so our design is an interactive showcase which shows how your finished app will look and feel on real devices.

By this stage, we have a completely finished design, we know what features should be in your app, what technology, what your users need to see and, essentially, the design stage is complete.

Development Stage

So now we know where we are, let’s develop a high quality app for you.

Our highly experienced engineers will take your high fidelity designs and produce and engaging and performant product for you, using the technologies and services best suited to your business goals.

Even if you don’t intend to address every platform at launch, Flutter will produce iOS, Android and Web builds for you. Using clean architecture methodology, we’ll design your app so it’s built to last and easy to support and maintain.


We use a Continuous Delivery process, providing you with regular builds, and allowing you to feed back to us at all points during the development stage. We can share our Project Management system with your team, and we use shared Slack channels to keep you informed and provide lines of communication open with our dedicated delivery manager.

Ongoing success

Our dedicated Delivery Manager will be your first point of contact during the Development stage.

All our deliverables are integrated with the latest Analytics tools, which we use to measure core sales and engagement, which provide you with a foundation for informed feature updates which will add real value to your app.

We use automated tracking tools to monitor our deliverables and to inform the development team, so that we can quickly respond to any customer issues.

Support and maintenance

Our support commitments to your app can be customised to your needs around maintenance, SLA’s, QA against iOS / Android updates and planned feature development.

Based around a monthly time commitment from our engineers and managers, we offer very fair and transparent support and maintenance pricing.

We look after you and your app, all the way from initial ideas to beyond the finished and released product.