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The UK's first yoga concierge booking service

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Managing Success

In early 2017 entrepreneurs and founders Jessica and Raquelle Gracie approached Foresight Mobile to assist them with their unfinished and over-budget mobile app. As an experienced mobile app development agency, Foresight Mobile could immediately identify major issues in the current code and processes

This initial consultancy phase produced a clear roadmap to App Store readiness, driving value from their offshore development team and providing the confidence the founders needed to launch successfully.

Since the the launch of the app we have taken on the CTO role for Yogassential through our Fractional CTO service, transitioning away from the original developer. We continue to assist with development as well as introducing the founders and their booking technology to new markets and opportunities.

Project Execution

Foresight Mobile took the existing Yogassential mobile app and improved its functionality and performance by first understanding the needs of both the users and the yoga teachers. They then incorporated features that catered to these needs and enhanced the overall user experience.

One of the key improvements made by Foresight Mobile was the integration of a booking system with calendar synchronisation. This feature made it easier for yoga teachers to manage their schedules and stay organised, while also simplifying the booking process for users.

Additionally, Foresight Mobile's CTO focused on optimising the app's performance, ensuring it runs smoothly on iOS devices. They also worked on improving the app's conversion rates by streamlining the booking and payment process, making it more straightforward and user-friendly. This is all included Foresight Mobile's iOS app development services.

Foresight Mobile also ensured that the app's design and interface were visually appealing and easy to navigate, contributing to a seamless user experience. They continued to work closely with the founders of Yogassential to manage the development team and ensure that the app's improvements were in line with the founders' vision and goals.


Yogassential allows you to seamlessly book a yoga teacher at a time and place that suits you. An effortless and simple way to practice yoga on your terms. The native iOS app a joy to use and delivers excellent conversion rates through its straightforward booking and payment process.

Overall, Foresight Mobile took the existing Yogassential mobile app and transformed it into an effortless and simple way for users to practice yoga on their terms while helping yoga teachers manage their schedules more efficiently.

You can find out more about Foresight Mobile's Support and Maintenance packages here.

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