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Location-centric social interaction

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Real-Time Chat with Local People

“Location centric social interaction”

If you’re currently at home and finding life a little tedious, here’s a solution to boring evenings in.

Schnap is a free-to-play real time messaging app, designed to move mobile users away from social media and towards messaging people in their local area instead.

Users can see other Schnap! users in their local neighbourhood - a Schnap! Space - and start chatting to them instantly. The app has picture sharing and an ability to send selfies and private chat messages as well. You’re in complete control, you determine who you want to talk to.

There are no friend requests needed, no need to join groups. Schnap! is designed to be as spontaneous, intuitive and hassle free to use as possible. You can find Schnap’s website here.

Schnap! allows you to arrange meetings and nights out - but you can make lots of new contacts and friends in the meantime, of course.

Schnap! is a cross-platform app written using Google’s Flutter framework and was released on Google Play and the App Store in March 2020.

Schnap's founders approached us with some high-level ideas for Schnap! which allowed chat users to order food and drinks from bars and restaurants. We thought this was a great idea. The Foresight Mobile time worked quickly to prototype the system in Figma, ready to demo to new customers while we implemented the interactive app functionality. Within a few days, Schnap! had had nearly 90 enquiries from businesses wanting to use their free system.

Project Execution

At Foresight Mobile we are an app development agency that prides ourselves on our expertise and experience in Flutter app development. When we took on the Schnap! mobile app project, we knew that our skills would be put to good use in creating a real-time messaging app that would not only be engaging and user-friendly but also have the potential to rapidly grow and adapt to its users' needs.

Our approach to the Schnap app's development was grounded in our understanding of the importance of rapid prototyping and iteration. We knew that in order to create an app that truly resonated with users and met the customer's unique requirements, we needed to be able to test our ideas and designs with real users as quickly and efficiently as possible. This approach allowed us to focus our development efforts on the features that mattered most to our target audience, ensuring that the end product would be both relevant and useful.

Leveraging our experience in Flutter development, we were able to create a cross-platform app with a single codebase that could easily be tested and updated across both iOS and Android platforms. This not only streamlined the development process but also made it more cost-effective, as we were able to rapidly iterate and refine our designs without the need for time-consuming and resource-intensive platform-specific development.


In the end, our expertise in Flutter app development and our commitment to rapid prototyping and iteration allowed us to create a high-quality, engaging app for Schnap that not only met but exceeded their expectations. By focusing our efforts on the features that mattered most to users and adapting our designs based on real-world feedback, we were able to deliver a product that is both user-friendly and versatile, ready to adapt and grow alongside its users and the ever-changing mobile app landscape.

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