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Schnap! - real time chat with local people

An app designed for "location centric social interaction"

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An app designed for "location centric social interaction"

Local. Social.


“Location centric social interaction”

If you’re currently at home and finding life a little tedious, here’s a solution to boring evenings in.

Schnap! is a free real time messaging app, designed to move phone users away from social media and towards messaging people in their local area instead.

Users can see other Schnap! users in their local neighbourhood - a Schnap! Space -  and start chatting to them instantly. The app has picture sharing and an ability to send selfies and private chat messages as well. And. You’re in complete control, you determine who you want to talk to.

There are no friend requests needed, no need to join groups. Schnap! is designed to be as spontaneous, intuitive and hassle free to use as possible. You can find Schnap’s website here.

When we’re all allowed out to play again, Schnap! will allow you to arrange meetings and nights out - we’ll all be very grateful for when that happens -  but you can make lots of new contacts and friends in the meantime, of course.

Schnap! is a cross platform app written using Google’s Flutter software development suite and was released on Google Play and the App Store in March 2020.

Update - Martin and Phil approached us to write some additional functionality for Schnap! which allowed chat users to order food and drinks from bars and restaurants. We thought this was a great idea. Within a few days, Schnap! had had nearly 90 enquiries from businesses wanting to use their free system.

More information about the Schnap! update can be found on our blog page here.

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