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The New Way to Learn

Ryze is a cutting-edge digital learning pocket companion designed to provide engaging and interactive educational experiences to students worldwide. This innovative app features first-party, Netflix-quality video content tailored to each university, making learning content more accessible and enjoyable.

Ryze works seamlessly on both the web and mobile using the same codebase. This is a core Flutter feature, and one of the main reasons our customers choose our Flutter app development services for their combined web and mobile products.

The Ryze application offers effective bite-sized content, known as micro-lessons, allowing students to learn at their own pace and make the most of their time, whether they have 5 or 30 minutes to spare. Alongside its multimedia-rich content, the app also enables users to track their progress, bookmark their favorite lessons, and take notes within the app.

One of the significant benefits of Ryze is its gamification aspect, where users can earn points while they learn. These points can be redeemed for items in the Ryze Store, adding a fun and engaging element to the educational process. Additionally, the app features interactive quizzes and assessments, providing instant feedback on students' performance and progress.

Ryze partners with universities worldwide, offering tailored content to suit specific courses and collaborating on the creation of new content. This ensures that students receive the highest quality learning material from world-leading academics.

In summary, the Ryze application is a versatile, interactive, and engaging digital learning companion that revolutionises the educational experience for students across the globe. Its unique combination of rich multimedia content, gamification, and personalised tracking makes it an invaluable tool for modern learners.

Project Execution

Foresight Mobile leveraged the cross-platform capabilities of Flutter to create an engaging content creation and delivery platform for e-learning across iOS, Android and the Web simultaneously. By utilizing Flutter, they were able to develop a single codebase that runs seamlessly on all platforms. This approach saved time and resources while maintaining a consistent user experience across all devices. Future development is now also straightforward, with only one codebase and one team required to maintain it.

Flutter's rich set of pre-built UI components and widgets were used to create an aesthetically appealing and intuitive interface for the e-learning platform. These components were customised to suit the specific needs Ryze, ensuring an engaging and enjoyable user experience with a consistent brand.

Additionally, Flutter's extensive library of plugins and integrations allowed Foresight Mobile to incorporate various features essential for an effective e-learning platform, such as video playback, file management, and social media sharing. This resulted in a more interactive and dynamic learning experience for users.

In summary, Foresight Mobile skilfully utilised Flutter's cross-platform capabilities to develop an engaging and versatile e-learning platform catering to the needs of learners and universities across mobile and web platforms. This approach enabled them to deliver an exceptional learning experience while maximizing development efficiency.


The Ryze application is still under active development, and has seen adoption at multiple UK universities including UEA.

If you'd like to find out more about how Flutter can significantly reduce the cost of combined web and mobile apps please check out our Flutter development services or get in touch below. We're happy to chat on a video call or you can come to see us at our South Manchester offices any time for a free consultation.

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