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A companion mobile app for Ditto's intelligent corporate sustainability platform

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Cross-Platform App Development, AI, AWS
iOS and Android
Flutter, TypeScript
What we achieved
An engaging compliance and eLearning app used by thousands of customers

Managing Sustainability through AI

We all want to be more sustainable. Working greener is massively important to the environment, but it’s not so easy for large organisations to track the results of their sustainability programmes.

Foresight Mobile were approached by Ditto Sustainability to write a companion mobile app for their intelligent sustainability software platform - Rio. Ditto were keen to ensure that the app was both straightforward to implement and easy to maintain going forward. As a result Rio chose our Flutter app development services for this project.

Rio is an intelligent solution designed to help companies and individuals become more sustainable through data analysis, learning and governance. Rio combines several tools such as EHS, (Environment, Health and Safety) L&D (Learning and Development) and GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) into one framework, with the sole aim of increasing sustainability performance.

Rio existed already as a comprehensive web app, written by Ditto themselves. It contained two dozen separate features, so Ditto wanted to focus the feature set for the mobile app. Foresight implemented four of the main features from the web app - to Ditto’s satisfaction! We’ll be adding to the mobile app functionality in the future.

Ditto’s intelligent, integrated system is used by companies such as NHS Scotland, JD Sports, Valpak, Mitie, the Ministry of Justice and the University of Kent, all of whom see the need to operate in a more sustainable manner.

Project Execution

We proposed using Google Flutter - the most modern and powerful cross platform development framework on the market today - to create a companion app for Rio - and Amazon Web Service’s AppsSync, a service that makes it easy to build GraphQL APIs.

GraphQL is a modern alternative to traditional REST APIs, and was extremely easy to hook up to Flutter. AWS now officially support Flutter with their own plugin - Amplify - which allows seamless connection to AWS services.

From the outset, Foresight Mobile worked closely with Rio to quickly iterate through the discovery and design process. The Foresight team took the time to understand Rio's goals and requirements, ensuring that the designs they produced were both visually appealing and user-friendly.

As the project moved into the development phase, Foresight Mobile's communicative and agile process proved to be a perfect fit for working with Rio's internal development team. This collaborative approach allowed both teams to address any challenges promptly and efficiently, ensuring a smooth and successful development process.


The final product was a mobile app that not only met but exceeded Rio's expectations. The app has since been embraced by thousands of customers throughout the UK, who now have an engaging and effective tool to help them manage their sustainability efforts on-the-go.

In summary, the partnership between Rio and Foresight Mobile was a resounding success, with both teams working together seamlessly to create a high-quality mobile app that complements Rio's web platform and serves their customers effectively.

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