Ideation and Discovery

Guiding you toward a solid concept


It can be difficult to tell if you’re breeding a unicorn or a donkey when you have passion and drive behind your ideas. That’s why we have a collaborative and friendly process to take you through the steps needed to validate your concepts and bring your vision to life.

  • Commitment-free preparation calls to walk through your ideas, identify your customers and understand your challenges

  • On-premise design sprints with our business and design experts to explore potential solutions and produce interactive wireframes for your new product

  • Structured validation processes to help you identify pain points and market opportunities

  • Competitor research and market research

Design and Prototyping

Reduce risk and learn about your users

Creative process little.png

When you want to get more serious with your ideas and get a feel for the end product you should consider a solid design and prototyping phase. Our expert designers will work closely with you on colour schemes, branding, user interface and interaction to produce a working, clickable prototype. Any issues can be identified early in the process, and with everyone on the same page development is straightforward and efficient.

  • Iterate quickly on design changes or ideas without associated development costs

  • Use the logos, branding and interactive prototype as the basis for your website, pitch deck and investor conversations

  • Accurate development estimates and quality software based on high-fidelity mockups that are straightforward to implement

MVP Development

Find Product/Market Fit with Efficiency

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Good developers can be hard to find. Fortunately the Foresight Mobile team includes some great technologists that know how to use the right tools and frameworks to ensure your product is fit for purpose and future-proof. Our agile processes are collaborative and transparent, keeping you in control of direction and budget.

  • Watch your vision come to life through weekly demos, with regular builds sent to your own devices for testing and feedback

  • A professional-feeling app that’s a joy to use and thoroughly tested before release

  • Learn quickly from users using the latest analytics technology, expert event design and analysis