Native Android Development

Foresight Mobile can also provide native Android app development using Kotlin and Android Studio. A custom native Android app can be the best option for close integration with the hardware or Android Wear OS support.

We can develop Android apps using Kotlin and Jetpack for the ultimate in platform integration.

Our expert developers work natively in Kotlin and use tech stacks that are built to last and straightforward to maintain.

Modern UI frameworks such as Jetpack Compose and Material 2 produce great user experiences that match the platform UX guidelines as closely as possible.

Foresight Mobile also offer native Android maintenance and support packages.

Native code gives us full access to platform features such as Augmented Reality, which would be impossible with cross-platform technologies. For cutting-edge features and the pinnacle of performance a native app can be the best option.

Service Benefits

With many years of experience developing on Android, first with Java and then Kotlin, we bring a breadth of experience

Native Android UI

We use Jetpack Compose for our native Android UI development to ensure that our apps are quick to build and easy to maintain. With direct access to the Android platform and built-in support for Material Design and dark mode we ensure that your app UI is modern and intuitive.

Expanded Platform Support

Give your users the best possible experience on Android Auto, Wear OS, and Android TV with Foresight Mobile. If you're looking to provide a consistent experience and expand into new platforms then our native android app development services can help you along the way.

Android SDK Development

Our experienced SDK developers can help you to expand your service into the Android ecosystem with a native Android SDK. We can help you expand your web-based SaaS to mobile consumers and businesses.

Android Wallet Support

Google are expanding their Wallet to support passes, event tickets, group passes and more! We can update your app to provide passes to users directly from the app, opening a wide range of use cases.