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Clothes Doctor

The UK's first online clothing repairs and alteration service

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Fractional CTO, Backend and Shopify Development
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Java Spring, Vaadin
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Fractional CTO service, backend development

Delivering a Successful Business

Clothes Doctor is an award-winning digital startup offering clothing repairs and alterations to the whole of the UK. London customers can also make use of a personal concierge service to pick up and drop off their clothes. Clothes Doctor have received numerous accolades including The Good Web Guide’s ‘Really Useful’ award, as well as praise from The Guardian, Evening Standard, and The Independent among others.

The original MVP project was running late, so Foresight Mobile were taken on board to get the project across the finish line and ensure quality. After assuming the CTO role through our Fractional CTO service, we managed new and exiting developers to expand upon the MVP to increase engagement and conversion rates.

Clothes Doctor was founded in 2017 with a sustainable ethos - to encourage people to repair and maintain the garments they already have. Aiming to tackle clothing waste and tap into the £53bn fashion industry, Clothes Doctor aims to be the UK’s largest wardrobe maintenance service. Clothes Doctor has performed over 2500 repair and reworking services and has over 150 4-star/5-star Google and TrustPilot reviews.

Project Execution

At the heart of the Clothes Doctor business is the bespoke order management system, developed by Foresight Mobile using the Vaadin Java web app framework. The system is used continuously by the back-office and operations staff and streamlines all parts of the business including order management, fulfilment, invoicing, re-marketing and reporting.

As Clothes Doctor grew our Fractional CTO continued to support the organisation, allowing the business to expand through the increased automation of fulfilment and customer support. We also Implemented robust cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive customer data and systems, identifying and mitigating technological risks and ensuring compliance.


Clothes Doctor continues to be a thrive as a business. After closing a number of crowdfunding rounds the brand continues with its sustainability ethos, selling 100% recyclable laundry products direct to consumers in addition to their clothes repair services.

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