Hospitality Table Service Rules? Schnap! Offers a Solution

An Elegant Mobile App For Hospitality Table Service

The Government today announced some new rules which will affect the UK’s Hospitality service.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, UK bars and restaurants will have to close their doors at 10pm, and will be allowed to offer table service only. Whilst both rules are absolutely necessary, this will put added pressure on an already beleagured Hospitality sector, badly hit by the pandemic.

We think Schnap! - an app which we recently wrote for our customers - offers an elegant solution.

Schnap! is a social app which gets people in a geographical area chatting - “improve your evening out”. We recently updated Schnap! to include the ability to order food and drink from participating bars and restaurants.

Combining a local chat app with a restaurant / bar ordering system seems to us to be a great way to attract and retain customers.

Not only does the app provide a custom chat room linked to your bar or restaurant, it allows for table service, saves staff time and also improves your customer service as well.

During the Covid19 pandemic we were approached by Schnapp! to develop them a table booking service app

There are no set up costs, no monthly fees, no ongoing costs and you can be set up in less than two hours.

Let’s face it, there are table ordering apps out there. But we don’t know any which also serve as a chat room, recommendation service and staff optimiser as well.

You can find out more about Schnap!s business services by clicking here or on the Schnap! icon below.

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