Flutter is Now More Popular Than React Native

As of a couple of days ago (according to Google Trends), Google’s Flutter - the new boy on the cross platform scene - was more searched for than Facebook’s React Native development framework.

Flutter also passed 100,000 GitHub stars yesterday. They’re basically “likes” by developers.

Given the amount of time that React Native has been around for, this is quite astonishing news. Apparently, this year, 50,000 Flutter apps have been released, with 10,000 in one month alone.

Flutter is seriously gathering momentum

Flutter and React Native are now on about level pegging as the tool of choice for app developers, with React Native fairly static and Flutter on a consistent rise. Both these increases seem to be at a cost to Microsoft’s Xamarin and the Ionic framework - which are somewhat long in the tooth and, according to most developer, not longer well-supported.

Here at Foresight Mobile, we specialise in Google’s Flutter framework. (In fact, we believe we’re one of the few Flutter specialists in the UK with fully in-house development.)

Flutter vs React Native vs Xamarin vs Ionic - 5 years to September 2020
View fullsizeFlutter vs React Native vs Xamarin vs Ionic - 5 years to September 2020

Flutter will become the main platform for mobile app development

We’re completely convinced that cross platform development is the way to go for the majority of our clients - it saves them (and us) time, money and ongoing maintenance costs, and that Flutter is the best framework to use. Nice to see that other developers agree with us.

A lot of the reason behind this seems to be Flutter’s ability to create a native iOS, Android, Web and MacOS app, all from the same codebase with minimal changes. In fact some of our customers are having us develop web-first from Flutter, moving to mobile later in the project.

Along with Flutter, we also develop native Android, iOS and MacOS apps.  Check out our Manchester based Flutter app development services here.

If you’d like to have a chat about bespoke app development, click on the contact button below, we’ll be delighted to hear from you.

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