Is your mobile app rubbish?

(We couldn’t think of a more diplomatic way of putting it, sorry.)

A brief look on the Play store reveals that there’s a lot of apps out there. According to Buildfire, there are 2.87 million mobile apps on the App Store in 2021.

A brief trawl through the app ratings will show an awful lot of apps have problems, with users rating them one or two out of five.

There are legions of comments about how an app won’t work or a particular device, how there’s an annoying bug or how a new version of Android came out and now the app won’t connect.

Some of these comments date back an awfully long time.

It’s hard enough retaining app users at the best of times, but with a badly-designed or broken app, you have absolutely no chance of not haemorrhaging users.

Retention and support services

Here at Foresight Mobile, we apply 20 years experience in mobile app design and product management to help you produce an attractive, performant, engaging mobile app which your users won’t delete.

We offer a consultancy service to pick up on design and flow errors which you might not have spotted, and, if your app is broken, we can offer you a first class support and maintenance service to fix it.

And keep it fixed.

To find out more about our App Design Consultancy services, click here

To find out more about our Support and Maintenance services, click here.

We’ll be delighted to give you a competitive quote - and make your mobile app all shiny again!

Dave's IT background goes back "to the beginning of time" and has worked with some leading technologies and brands during his professional career

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