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Being busy little fellows here at Foresight, we don’t just develop mobile apps.

We also write Software Development Kits for the likes of Table, Electronic Arts and Swrve, using modern cross platform frameworks such as Facebook’s React Native, Google’s Flutter and also extensions such as Cocoapods and Gradle.

“But I’m not in the mobile apps market"…”

If you have a web app or REST API, we can help you get your service mobile app ready. Read more about that here.

Mobile apps are a massive growth area and we’d contend that software providers should have a very good reason to not look at them.

In this case, an SDK represents the quickest and most ROI efficient way into the mobile app market - and hopefully results in many more customers.

“I’ve already got native SDKs….”

If you’ve already got a presence in the mobile app market and are offering Android and iOS native SDKs, we can help you with cross platform SDKs which make it easier for many more developers to integrate an app with your service.

You can read about why it makes sense to cater for the cross platform development market here.


Frameworks such as React Native and Flutter are becoming massively popular, with huge takeup by the mobile app development community.

Customers are beginning to latch on to the idea that their budget doesn’t have to stretch to “either an Android or an iOS app” - development times are quicker, costs are less, app speeds are almost as fast as native code, maintenance and upgrades are simpler with one codebase - “what’s not to like? “

A cross platform SDK can be seen as a low cost investment which you’ll soon recoup as more customers start using your app.

Looking for an app development agency? Check out our Manchester based Flutter app development services here.

Interested in finding out more ? Come and have a chat - our contacts page can be found here.

Dave's IT background goes back "to the beginning of time" and has worked with some leading technologies and brands during his professional career

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