Rhisiart ap Gwilym

Senior Developer

Meet Rhisiart, our Flutter mobile developer from Wales. He has many years experience working with various technologies, developing complex solutions


Rhisiart ap Gwilym

Our Welsh wonder and Flutter superstar, although best not to ask him about printers (long story). Before Rhisiart changed his name by deed poll, he was Richard Evans, and used to be known as "Evans the Code". Rhisiart is a highly experienced Mobile developer who's worked with a vast number of mobile development frameworks in exotic locations all over the world.

Background Experience

Rhisiart is a proud Welshman who's lucky enough to live in North Wales. He gets to see the fantastic scenery on long motorcycle rides, which inevitably results in him having fish and chips somewhere remote. He's also a very keen cyclist, we keep waiting for him to challenge our Kevin to a race at some point.