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SDK development

We're one of the very few agencies specialising in SDK development for Flutter and React Native. If you have native SDK's for Android and iOS, we can help you expand into the lucrative and growing cross platform market.

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Do you want to expand into new markets?  

We specialise in writing SDK integrations for cross platform frameworks such as React Native and Flutter, as well as native extensions for iOS (Cocoapods) and Android (Gradle).

If you already have native SDKs for iOS and Android, then we can work with you to expand into the cross-platform market. If you’re already providing a web or REST-based service, then we can work together to bring your products to mobile efficiently and collaboratively.

Cross platform development is increasingly becoming the preferred way to develop apps: React Native and Flutter are gaining massively in popularity. (You might want to have a look at our page on the rising popularity of Flutter here).

Foresight Mobile can develop cross-platform native modules for your native mobile SDKs, allowing you to expand into the cross-platform market.


Expand into mobile apps

If you currently have a web or REST API based service, we can help you expand into the mobile market with a new SDK.

We were recently approached by Table who had an existing web based service but hadn’t moved into the lucrative mobile market for their Customer Experience software. Being able to allow mobile app developers to easily integrate with their software allows Table to increase their customer base for a low cost and fast return on investment.

Increase your SDK portfolio

Of course, you may already be in the mobile app field or have existing native SDKs.

Companies like Swrve and Electronic Arts - both with a well established mobile presence - already had native SDKs written, but wanted to expand their portfolios with cross platform offerings to cater for as many developers as possible.

Go cross platform

With a cross platform SDK, you will eventually get more customers using an app which utilises your product.

Customers are becoming increasingly more informed about the benefits of their development company using a cross platform framework.  With cross platform development, you have one codebase, faster development time and more consistent look and feel compared to an app written in both Android and iOS.

Cross platform apps are in direct commercial competition with native apps, and unless there is a very compelling reason to have two codebases developed and supported, external customers and developers will naturally gravitate towards cross platform development for cost, speed of development and ease of maintenance.

It’s not just your customers who benefit, though.

Development community

Cross platform frameworks are becoming increasingly popular with developers.

React Native and Flutter are now stable, fast and do almost everything that native apps do. From a development perspective, there is no need to do twice the amount of work to produce an app in both Android and iOS. (Matter of fact, it’s more than twice the amount of work, as you then have to factor in time to maintain and deploy two versions).

From a development companies’ viewpoint, writing a cross platform app makes sound commercial sense, too. The savings they make in time and manpower can be passed on to a customer, meaning that it’s more likely to result in a sale, given the lower quoted price.

If the old question used to be “why use cross platform”, then perhaps the new question is “Why use native apps?“

If you’d like to have a conversation with us about getting into the world of mobile apps via an SDK or having an SDK which uses modern, cross platform frameworks, get in touch with us here.