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App design consultancy

Take advantage of our many years of experience in App design consultancy and give your app the maximum chance of success!

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App design consultancy meeting around a table

Got an existing mobile app? Want to keep more users?

We offer a competitively priced expert app design consultancy service for existing mobile app owners.

From £500 upwards, we can provide you with an expert review of your app’s usability, content and design.

Engagement and Retention are massively important in the mobile app world: the inescapable fact of the matter is that if your app looks bad, flows badly or is just difficult to use, your users will delete it.

77% of users delete an app within 3 days
90% of users delete an app within 30 days
95% of users delete an app within 90 days

The good news is that if your users find your app to be invaluable, some never delete it.

Here at Foresight Mobile, we apply 16 years of app design experience to ensure your app is attractive, easy to use and is going to stay on your users’ phones. We have an extensive knowledge of User Experience and User Interface design (UX/UI): our experts can suggest design and usability changes to keep your users engaged and not hitting the dreaded “remove” button.

If you’d like to take advantage of our app design consultancy expertise, and keep users engaged and using your app, click here or on the link below to get in touch.  

We look forward to hearing from you.