How We Work

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All of our projects start with face-to-face collaboration and discovery, using the Design Sprints process for fast iteration on your ideas. To create a successful product we need to understand your market, the problem you’re solving and the way your users will interact with the product.

By aligning our ideas at the beginning of the process we ensure that we’re all on the same page and our trajectory is defined.

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Design and Development

Eye-catching and engaging design, with UX in mind on every screen. We use clickable prototypes to enable us to test with real users before writing a line of code.

Our inclusive and iterative process keeps you involved every step of the way. Our goal is to architect a quality product that will future-proof your business and delight your users.

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Continuous Improvement

We ensure that the success criteria identified during the discovery phase are closely monitored and iteratively improved though effective A/B testing. We implement a variety of modern techniques to ensure that customers stay engaged with your app.

Our teams stay with you for the entire journey, ensuring continuity and support as your needs evolve and customers grow.

Mobile Development Project Types and Technologies

Native Android and iOS Apps

For the fastest development time and native look and feel we can use modern Swift 5 or Kotlin to develop your mobile application using the latest technologies. Native code gives us full access to platform features such as Augmented Reality, which would be impossible with cross-platform technologies. For cutting-edge features and the pinnacle of performance a native app is the best option.

Cross-Platform Apps

Our team of developers are experts in developing cross-platform apps using Google’s Flutter open-source application development platform. Using flutter we can target both iOS and Android with less effort than developing native applications for both platforms.

Combined Mac, iPhone and iPad Apps

After the recent release of Apple’s Project Catalyst we can now target iPhone, iPad and macOS using the same Swift 5 codebase. This opens up your project to over 100 million active Mac users, giving you early access to Apple’s Mac App Store ready for the release of macOS Catalina.